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Futurewave & Raz Fresco — Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen

Futurewave is a producer working from Toronto. He started as an engineer, creating Loose Cannons 001 singles produced by Bozack Morris. Futurewave went on pursuing his music career, mostly working in the ‘rapper-producer’ lane. His debut project was a collaborative album with Atlanta’s Heem Stogied. In 2017 he went on to work with multiple rappers from the same scene, including al.divino, Mooch, Rome Streetz, and Daniel Son. 

A distinct quality of Futurewave’s approach to music is his work with local artists; aside from the abovementioned, he rarely reaches out to the US’s musicians. Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen is his collaborative project with Raz Fresco ― a Toronto-born rapper living in Brampton.

Raz Fresco is a prolific musician himself, having 17 full-lengths under his belt, some of them tied to different concepts. Deluxe Hilfiger Regalia is dedicated to fashion, with a narrative based around comic books. Magneto Was Right is his 7-album series that also centers on comic book themes.

The duo first got together way back in 2018, when working on a solo studio album by Wav.god ― Raz did a verse on a track «Cold Outside.» Now, the two have decided to work on a collaborative effort.

For Raz Fresco, this album became a continuation of his prior work with Griselda’s Daringer. Back on Polo Spotty Since a Shorty EP, he discussed a familiar fashion topic, mostly addressing pieces and brands.

The main point of rapping concerns Raz Fresco’s lifestyle, which could be classified as a classic ‘gangster’ hip-hop narrative. Futurewave contributed to the idea with his twist; the album’s music goes its own way, finding common grounds in pairing against the tough narrative. The strings on «Marvellously MC» accompany Fresco’s stories about his accolades in hip-hop. Life’s accomplishments are the theme of «Black Baby Jesus,» performed against a moody backdrop paired with the worrisome piano motif. The serenity of «How 2 Eat 2 Live»’s melody contrasts the lyrics about the rapper’s riches and how they came to be.

Fresco and Futurewave use synergy to present an entire spectrum of approaches. Their ideas of the album’s sound tie together just where they need to; the producer contrasts the expression and restraint, providing drumming, samples, and melodies with a precise fit to Raz Fresco’s sincerity. Guests give the finishing touches; Canada’s Saipher Soze, Daniel Son, Asun Eastwood, plus Estee Nack from the States.

In their reference to the genre’s classical soundscapes, Futurewave and Raz Fresco don’t reinvent the wheel. Gorgeous Polo Sportsmen is an homage to the authenticity of the art form that is utilized to express artists’ own concepts and ideas.

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